Hello, Sailor!

Here is Kirsten Dunst in the new Miu Miu campaign. I'm not a fan of hers, really. But I am loving this nautical dress. The shape is so nice. I wish I wasn't a pauper. Bring on the student loan in september!

Here's a couple of other pretties:

I lovvve this white dress. The high neckline and cute collar are kinda Disney-esque. And the ruffledness is divine.

I'm still in my pyjamas and its 1pm. I'm having boyf trouble so plan to sit in a depressed state for most of the day. I hate being sad!



  1. Cheer up hun, boys are not worth it! You could be a complete and utter geek like me watching harry potter... oh dear
    Loving that sailor-style dress too

  2. The first dress is just so lovely! Reminds me a bit of the circus for some reason too. I feel a bit of a DIY Miu Miu copy coming on...

  3. katie rosemary - there's nothing geeky about watching harry potter! I wish I was!


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