Gem in garment bought from somewhere other than H&M shocker!!

I bought a Dior Pure Poison gift set in the Debenhams sale for £40 down from £71!! It comes with a huuuge bottle of perfume, body lotion and.. get this... An adorable metal 5ml bottle of perfume to keep in your handbag! I love it.

So here's the stuff I bought in H&M yesterday:

A new stripey tee because I like to look like an inmate. A wicked parka which was £10 down from £40! I've been going for an androgynous look lately so I like the above look.

And here's the dress I bought in Topshop (by Lipsy though):

It fits spookily well. Like it was made for me! It was £10 down from £55. So that was joyful.

I'll quickly update y'all on my life, for anyone that cares!

My contract at Debenhams is up in 2 days (thank god. Its sooo hectic and stressful), and I have another job lined up at a lovely cafe, which is round the corner from my house. It sells all fair trade and organic this & that. Its not enough hours but its literally the only job I can find at this time of year.
Alex (boyf) has been away in his hometown Canterbury since 21st Dec and he's coming back on Sun which will be great. I should be tidying our flat in preparation for his return but am procrastinating. Here's a cute pic of him (but a ropey one of me!)

He looks vaguely unnerved by my prescence in this pic, but oh well. Still lovely!

I'd better wrap it up so I can post my next blog, about the jackets I bought for the puppies. Haha. So cruel! But cute. xxx


  1. I love the Topshop dress! Did you get it in Bexhill? As the Brighton Topshop sale stock is crapola..

  2. No, I got it in Canterbury whilst visiting my boyfriend.
    Bexhill doesn't have a topshop. The only source of clothing in this town is charity shops or New Look!

  3. CUTE topshop dress!
    (i wish i wasn't in the U.S.)

    you're adorable!!


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