Ebay stuff

Because my new job at the hip cafe is so few hours I decided to trawl the charity shops of Bexhill and vintage shops of Brighton for stuff to sell on Ebay. I've been trying to dress them up in different ways to increase the saleability. Alex is gonna take proper pics tomorrow but heres a few of me messing about with some outfits last night.

The pics are such bad quality because the light in my hall is sooo dim so i have to up the brightness on the phone cam. Sorry.

Here's a ruffle neck shirt which cost £2.

Worn with vintage patent belt, h&m shiny leggings, Matalan red patent wedges in pic 1. Worn with Primark skinnies, h&m lace-ups and New Look hat.

Next up is a givenchy blouse found on a pound rail!

Worn with h&m high waisted mini skirt and old dance shoes.

Another item I got was for sale in a fancy dress hire shop. It's a handmade blazer/cardigan with a anchor on. It's intended for a child, I think but me being me, couldn't resist the anchor! Or the £2 price tag. Someone will want it right?? I'm having a hard time styling it to make it look good.

Here it is with a Lipsy tiered dress, h&m socks and ebay jazz shoes. Not feeling it really. Any ideas on how to dress it?

I also got this check dress. It has shoulder pads, which looks kinda cool. sadly it's a size 8 so I had to force my size 12 bod into it, hence the contorting material. Haha.

Here is the sad truth!!:

I got a load of other stuff, but didn't have time to play with them.

Cant wait for Alex to take proper pictures and get them on Ebay. I reeeallly need the moneys!



  1. Starting an eBay shop sounds exciting, I don't know if I have the discipline.

  2. I love that blue blouse! The charity shops in Bexhill are ace, there are so many of them! I always find something in them when I'm staying with my nan down there.

  3. ah I need to start selling my stuff too, and it also seems that I need to get my arse down Bexhill, the charity shop stuff is sooooo much better than Brighton and Hove!

  4. givenchy blouse wow! i NEVER ever find anything like that!


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