I wore my new Primark vest over a Fred Perry polo shirt today. I'm going shopping again tomorrow. I've got clip-in hair extensions, a cute tee from Primark and maybe some new shoes on my shopping list.

I've been getting sick of my short hair lately. I like having it short but its getting way too overgrown and I'm not sure what to do with it. So rather than waste loads of moneys on proper extensions, I thought I might just have a play with temporary ones. I've also been toying with the idea of going bright orange. I don't intend to be a second rate Agyness, honestly! It just kinda happens..! What do you think? Shall I keep it blonde or go orange? I'm open to any suggestions! I'm just sooo bored with my bonce.

My boss at the hip cafe gave me a fortune cookie today! I love anything to do with predicting. Like my magic 8 ball key ring. Anyway, it said 'You will have success in everything you do next Monday'. Very specific! Time shall tell... Maybe I'll buy a zillion lottery tickets on monday.

I just watched a movie called Death Sentence. It was so scary! Gorey! Awful. I cried. It was very gritty indeed. On the subject of movies, WATCH DISTURBIA! It's fabulous.



  1. On your advice, I watched Disturbia yesterday, it's fab! I have such a big crush on Shia LeBeouf now!

  2. I'm glad you liked it! Yes I didn't realise how dreamy he was until watching this film. Yum.


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