Tree hat!

Here i am rocking the xmas tree hat look. I'm round my boyfriends pals' house sat by the fire feeling tres festive. Their xmas tree is absurd. It's about 6 foot wide and ceiling high. Crazy. I am so excited about christmas! Is anyone else feeling festive? I feel like i'm the only one! Surrounded by scrooges! X x


My mum suprised me and got 2 puppies instead of 1. Its amazing. They are too fabulous! They're brother and sister. We don't have names for them yet. Suggestions? X


New bag

I have had my eye on this big cheetah print w/ black patent bag for a while at debenhams. Today we were reducing loads of bags and it was reduced from 25 to 7.50! I purchased it almost instantly!x


Anchor socks

I christened my new socks today. Worn with my favouritest shoes ever from topshop. And my primark skinnies. Off to work now. Boring boring boring.x x x

Christmas chaos!!

I've been sooo busy. My poor blog hasn't seen much action because i've been working and organising christmas etc. Please don't abandon my blog! I'll pull myself together after christmas, I promise!

I've been making xmas cards. They're a bit bland this year because I haven't had much time but cute enough. I only do them for my nearest and dearest.

Here's an idea of what they look like. Inside reads 'Have a cool Yule!'

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I am dying of pneumonia right now. Hate the cold weather so much. I am wearing a scarf and jacket as I sit and watch TV! It's ridiculous.

Hopefully I'll blog some more before xmas, but je suis not sure because I have so much to do.

Bon soir, poppets. If I don't blog before, have a great Christmas!! Eat loads and have a fab time. I am sooo excited about presents!!!

Bed now.



New blouse

Worked at the video shop tonight and wore my blue blouse avec red hearts, ripped skinnies and yawn-worthy flats. I was showing irene (old lady i work with) my handstand skills while the shop was quiet and unfortunately i ripped the arse of my jeans.:-( tres embarrassing i'm sure you'll agree! X x watching say anything film with alex now x x


Finally.. Shopping!

Firstly, sorry I've not blogged much this last week or so. Blogger won't upload my images so I have to go through the rigmarole of photobucketing them so it's not as easy as it used to be to just do a quick post. It takes bloody ages! Plus I'm flapping about like a headless chicken worrying about christmas and whether Alex's presents from the internet will arrive in time.


I hit the charity shops yesterday and Primark today. It was very much a cheap and cheerful affair. Here are the bits and bobs I bought. I didn't buy much because I've mainly been focusing on buying things for others. I am nowhere near as prepared for christmas as I thought!!

Firstly my Catty jumper. I've been looking for a cute Jumper for a while now. Found it on the 50p rail in the RSPCA charity shop.

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I also popped into Topshop and got these cuties:

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Got some Turquoise tights:

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New bangle:

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Cute bags. Only £1.50!!

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New brolly:

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Sheer navy blouse with red hearts:

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So that's that! I'm gonna make some christmas cards now. Roxy is howling the flat down because she is desperate for a rude love with a boy cat ('in season' as they say). It's gross. She's waving her butt in the air. It is impossible to find her cute right now. She is screaming her head off! Driving me crazy.


Anyway Bon soir peoples xxx



I've been super busy lately so haven't really had time to blog and what with working a lot have not been wearing much worth blogging! I usually get home and put my PJ's on and collapse on the sofa!

Also, I'm really itching to do some clothes shopping. I feel like everything I wear is sooo boring. I like new things.
Really need to do some shopping!

Also fretting about what to get Alex for xmas. Boys are ridiculously hard to buy for!! He keeps going on about all the "amaaazing" things he's got me. But I'm so easy to buy for. I always rabbit on about stuff I like! But he has everything he wants. He tells me off cos I always get him loads of silly little gifts (a fart extinguisher, for example!!) Oh well. I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I am off work tomorrow so will hopefully post some piccies etc.




The weather has been dire today! Here's a pic of me in my waterproof attire because that's all i've worn today besides my work uniform. And pyjamas at present. Windy rain is the worst kind of weather ever. Brrr it's chilly in my flat. Wellies from cheapie shoe shop, raincoat from h&m xX


New tee, Agyness-ness, Puppy!

Got up super early today after a shitty nights sleep to go see a potential puppy. Me, my sis and my mum all fell in love with this cutie:

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Look at the face!! I've never seen a more literal case of puppy dog eyes. Too cute.

I am having a messy hair day so I went with the flow and messed about with it and became a second rate Agyness!

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My boyfriend gave me one of his band's tees a couple days ago. It has a big haunted house on it. I like it. So here it is dressed up a little:

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Tee - Courtesy of The Riverclub (www.myspace.com/theriverclub - check them out!!)
Belt - M&S via charity shop
Shorts - £2 in Primark
Glittery tights - Primark
Socks - h&m
Shoesies - Peacocks

I'm gonna go to bed now. I'm so not tired but I'm just bored. I know that 'boring people get bored' - I'm usually the one saying that phrase! - but I cant help it. I'm not boring at all but sometimes i'm just sooo bored. I guess I could tidy my shit heap pig sty of a bedroom....



... All of a sudden I'm feeling very sleepy indeed! Oh well... the bedroom will have to wait. Drat!

Bonsoir peeps!


Puppy Love

I am sooo excited because my mum is getting a puppy. I don't live with her anymore but I am definitely gonna visit way more when there's a cute little pup around!! I have appointed myself as official dog trainer. I'm feeling super confident having watched an episode of 'It's Me Or The Dog' on channel 4 (A programme where a lady trains unruly dogs and makes it look very easy). My mum wants a Jack Russell. We are going to see one tomorrow. Here she is:

Onto today's outfit. It was a bit of a rushed affair but I'll post it anyway.

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Polo Shirt - h&m
Black 7 Purple boob tube - h&m
Shorts - New Look
Tights - Primark

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Earrings - Primark

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Necklace - Free with The Bratz Movie!!

Me and my friend Katie bought the Bratz movie on a whim the other night and got these amazing little heart necklaces that say BFF on!

I'm gonna wrap it up now. Cant wait to see the pupppyyyyy!

Bon soir xxx