Christmas chaos!!

I've been sooo busy. My poor blog hasn't seen much action because i've been working and organising christmas etc. Please don't abandon my blog! I'll pull myself together after christmas, I promise!

I've been making xmas cards. They're a bit bland this year because I haven't had much time but cute enough. I only do them for my nearest and dearest.

Here's an idea of what they look like. Inside reads 'Have a cool Yule!'

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I am dying of pneumonia right now. Hate the cold weather so much. I am wearing a scarf and jacket as I sit and watch TV! It's ridiculous.

Hopefully I'll blog some more before xmas, but je suis not sure because I have so much to do.

Bon soir, poppets. If I don't blog before, have a great Christmas!! Eat loads and have a fab time. I am sooo excited about presents!!!

Bed now.



  1. that is such a cute christmas card! hope you feel better :)

    btw, love the blog. you have fantastic style!

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