I would've posted a pic of my outfit but unfortunately I went for a hot chocolate and spilt it EVERYWHERE. all over my sweater, polo shirt, trousers, (through to my undies!), scarf. It was hideous. I just dropped the cup out of my hand. I think I momentarily fell asleep. I'm a sleepy kind of person.
So I don't think my blog should suffer due to my narcolepsy. So I have compiled some pics of some of my favourite undies. I love underwear. 
Anything frilly, lacey, burlesquey, with bows or silky is fab. I think watching Moulin Rouge years ago brought this obsession with luxurious underwear on.

I got these in h&m glasgow based on their spottiness and nice fabric texture:

My pal Danielle donated the next two pairs because she knows the way to my heart is pretty undies:

These next ones look a bit manky on here but they're quite a delight. They are purple and black lace and have suspender straps on and a little dangly bit on the front with a regal looking lady on it. I'm sure there's a name for that but you'll just have to try and understand!

These next ones I actually made myself. I was bored one day so went to a charity shop, bought a dark green night dress and chopped it up. The sewing is a bit of a mess but they look really good on, considering they were made using no pattern! Excuse me while I blow my own trumpet.

Tomorrow I'm getting my roots done and having my mane cut. Then going shopping with my mama to Debenhams to get lots of discount (its a mega discount few days but I get even more cos I'm staff). Cant wait. They have microwaveable slippers!! Thats perfect for me. I'm always complaining about having cold feet. I was complaining on the phone to my mother about having trench foot yesterday cos my shoes got rained in and I had vile squelching soggy feet. Slightly melodramatic but c'est la vie! That's just the way i roll!

I'm gonna watch Dragon's Den with my boyfy now. He is feeling very sorry for himself because he has a cold. xx


  1. These are all so cute. Your BF should be happy despite the cold.

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