New dress

My mother dearest came up trumps when she got me this little cutie at a jumble sale a few days ago. It is a tad on the boob-squishing side but definitely wearable.

I was a bit dubious when I first saw it because I'm not that into gingham. But upon experimenting with it, I have decided I like it rather a lot!

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I decided to team it with a black striped top. I like things that clash but not overly. I like it half and half. Like, the top clashes with the dress but the black of the top matches the leggings and the belt matches my shoe wedge! It sounds like I've intricately planned this outfit but it just happened. Haha.

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Dress - jumble sale
Top - Topshop
Belt - h&m
Leggings - h&m
Shoes - Topshop via Ebay

Next, I went for a more schoolgirl/glamourous-yet-casual kind of look. I rolled my socks down and donned my fur coat that I've just taken out of my storage cupboard (I took my winter clothes out and put my summer clothes in!) It smells a bit musty so I'll probably have to dry clean it. Or Febreze it at least!

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Jacket - h&m
White tee - Woolworths kids section
Tights - Primark
Lace-ups - h&m
Necklaces - charity shop & h&m

Alex and I are now going to watch the penultimate episode of heroes!!! Why do good things have to end?!
At least I'll be spared his incessant perving over Hayden Pannetierre, I spose.

Much love xxx


  1. Such a cute dress, and I love the second look with fur coat and trainers, you look so comfy!

  2. i LOVE the second look, it is perfect. you look like an eccentric little kid in a really good way, if that made sense. sweet blog!

  3. I love the litte white socks on you.you look cute in them.

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