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Hello xx
I have finally found some time to update my blog properly. Prepare for many a poorly-taken pic!!
Firstly, today's outfit. I was working at the video shop where there is no heating and the boss insists on keeping the door open to invite more customers in! Ridiculous. So here I am in cosy attire:

Jumper - h&m
High waisted shorts (waist not on show due to recent over indulgence) - Primark
Grey tights - Primark
Knee high socks - h&m
Grey flats - h&m

Stuff I bought in glasgow (mostly h&m):

Shiny Sandy-from-Grease style leggings - h&m
I wanted some nice long leggings but couldn't find any ordinary ones so plumped for these, I feel a bit like a cyclist in them but they are exquisitely comfy!!

Here is my little black dress from h&m

Here's my woolly jumper as seen above

I bought this baggy cardigan from the menswear section in Primark. Just for loafing about the flat in really. Its very comfy and a bargain too at £6.

These are some knee highs from h&m (seen above):
Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Here is some darling heels I bought from Peacocks (Excuse my attention whoreish cat):

Free Image Hosting at allyoucanupload.com

Sorry for abnormally large last 2 pics. Also only half the pic is shown so click on pics. Blogger wouldn't let me upload them nor would photobucket! So I used some random other uploader. You won't believe how long those bloody pics took to upload so you better click them!!
Also, I just discovered the 'compose' section where I can change font size and do bold etc! (Hence typing in bold right now!)

I am very excited!! ho ho ho.

Lots of love xx


  1. Ohh those shoes! *shoe envy* And the cat is like icing on the cake in that last pic:)

  2. I used to work in a shop where heating consits of a tiny electric thing on the floor, and they wonder why shop assistants are grumpy. Heh. Love the outfit too, those shorts are cute!

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  4. I truly adore your little black dress, i have a thing fo zips apparently...!


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