Rainy day

I'm dressed trampy again today because it's rainy and I couldn't be bothered to wear anything interesting just to go to Sainsbury's in! I'm sleepy because I had work at 7.30am today. On a sunday. Despicable. Not for long though, I start a new job next week!

The upside of vile shitty rainy windy crap crap weather, is that I get to wear my raincoat with umbrellas all over! It's h&m. I love it. I had to scour 4 h&m's to find it. Firstly Canterbury, then 3 in Paris and finally found it in Brighton which is my 'local' h&m (about 45 mins on train)! Don't know why I didn't look there first! It was funny because in one of the h&m's in Paris, I saw a girl wearing it. I went up to her (I speak no french) and took a gamble. I said "do you speak english?" And she did, and I thought 'Yippee she can finally tell me where to get this coat!" I asked where she got it and she said she got it on holiday in Bulgaria!! My hope died. But I saw the funny side! Hope you enjoyed that accidental poem there.

So here is todays rather uninspiring outfit (besides said raincoat):
Sorry for pic quality, I took the first one in the mirror (so no flash) and in our poorly lit hall!

Ropey grey and black baseball shirt - charity shop
Skinnies - h&m
Skull & crossbones belt - h&m
Wellies - random cheap shoe shop
Charcoal hoodie - h&m

Here is my beloved:



  1. oh my! lots of sneakers I see there. Are they all yours? :)

  2. Hehe no they're all my boyfriend's. He has a lot of Nikes! I only have 3 or 4 pairs. xx


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