New Dress

Found this blue polka dot topshop dress in a charity shop for £1 today. It's a size 14 but it fits okay (i'm usually 10-12). I look rather frumpy in the full length pic which is a bit annoying! Alex took it so i'll blame his photography skills rather than contemplate that I might be a bit frumpy. Excuse the bin full of rubbish! We're young & lazy.

The Polo is from H&M, swallow Necklace from H&M and Jazz Shoes from online dance store.

I've had a grueling evening working at the video shop (my second job). It was very busy and I kept snacking on m&ms. Also, I have work at the hotel at 7.30am tomorrow!! So cant even have a late night. Yuck. Weekends suck for me, work-wise.

I'm now going to watch tv with the boyf and try and perk up! Ooh I just remembered, clocks go back tomorrow so extra hour in bed tomorrow night!! That's perked me up a bit. I <3 sleep.

Love xx

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