Geek Specs as Hair accessory

For those of you too shy to actually wear geek specs, what about using them as a hair accessory? I say "those of you" but this applies to myself as i am yet to debut my specs in public. Maybe i'll start with them as pictured here, and wean myself onto wearing them on my face. Gem's Spec-Adaptation 2 step programme! I'm sure it'll catch on. Off to work again now. Boo. x
Oh, the shirt is some old mans shirt someone left at the hotel, and the little bodicey boob tube thingy is from H&M. xx


  1. I neeeed some geeky specs, Im probs gonna get some next time I go to the opticians. I really want some Rachel Comey inspired ones.

  2. I really want geeky glasses, the stereotypical ones lol :P

    At the optometrist they're $150 just for the frames, where do you suggest getting a pair?


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