DIY tee

Here's my camo button tee, Mark Stevens-Ellis stylee. I made it last year before I saw MS-E's stuff, so it was original at the time!

Roxy tried to hog the limelight:

I kicked her out the way (forgot to rotate this, apologies to your necks):

Up close:

It took quite a while to make, cos I had to take the shirt in, etc. Then the first time I washed it it shrunk!! So now I can only wear it if I have a strapless top or something over the top or my beer belly hangs out slightly. Well, it's more of a cheese belly I suppose. I love cheese. I'd get a cheese tattoo. Well, thats expensive so maybe I could make a Cathedral City Cheddar stencil and customise a shirt with it. I'm ranting. It must be cheese withdrawal. I'm off to remedy it!



  1. What a creative idea! I think it's really cute and colorful!

  2. Your kitty is cute too
    thanks for stopping by!

  3. love the buttons!!!!! i did that to a purse of mine too~

  4. Aww, the buttons - so cute. I'll have to try that myself :)

  5. Your cat is the cutest, so are the buttons!

  6. I like both the cat and the buttons. A cat always perks up an outfit, don't you agree?


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